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Welcome to Relax….. It’s Only Music. My weekly blog entry is where you get to dive into the mind of a music nerd. I am not a musician. My dreams of being a rock god died in my teens. But I fucking love music. All kinds of music. My philosophy is if it moves you, go with it. You’ll get a music history as you read things you might not have known; as I write about things I love, know about, and maybe even some things I think are messed up about the most wonderful thing you can put in your ears…. Music. 

So join me every Monday. Won’t you?

Remember, there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure so Relax… It’s just music.

For as long as I can remember music has always been a part of my life. From my early influences of the outlaw country that my mom would listen to. Then there was the more classic country my dad listened to. Weird isn’t it?

Well for starters, as that musical genre progressed we would have to have a parting of ways. As the eighties rolled on, country seemed to resemble less the rebellious nature of day Johnny Cash or one Waylon Jennings. It became commercialized. Nothing wrong with that but it sounded different. 

My older brother would introduce me to something that would stick with me most of my life. Kiss… ah yes the ultimate band for a hyperactive, superhero-loving five-year-old. I was hooked. 

I remember holding the Kiss Alive vol 2 album and staring at it in awe. I so wanted to be Paul Stanley. The ultimate rock star. I even tried painting my face to match his a few times. Which must have played hell on my sisters’ makeup. I don’t remember what my brother and I used. 

This sparked something in me. A lifetime love. Not just for Kiss. I would later fall tired of the lineup changes, over-marketing, and stupid things Gene would say regularly. It started my fandom of music. One that would grow over time. One that to this day is very much alive and kicking. But more on that later. 

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