Saturday Snippet featuring Lesley Hoover

I clear my throat pulling my gaze away acknowledging that he does clean up rather well.
“Where did you get the tuxedo?” I ask in a small voice.
“I had to look everywhere for it,” He rumbles a laugh.
“You should’ve asked, I would have given you a recommendation.” I run my hand over the satin lapel, smoothing it.
“Is it not formal enough?” He asks with a roll of his eyes.
“It will do perfectly actually. I’m impressed.” I smile crossing the room to the kitchen.
“Wine?” I ask as I pour myself a glass, feeling my nerves loosen just a smidge.
“No, I better not. I don’t drink and drive.” He replies.
“We’ll be arriving in a limo,” I inform him with a small laugh.
“A limo?” His eyebrows raise in surprise.
I take a big gulp of my wine and grab my clutch. “Only the best for Governor Woods’
party. Come now Mr. Hallman,” I respond walking into the elevator.
“This is the Governor’s party?” He asks.
“The one and only,” I sigh.

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Lesley Hoover is a bestselling author, avid reader and animal lover. From guinea pigs to dogs, she can usually be found curled up with them along with one of her favorite romance novels.

She is an advocate for mental health, and a lover of sweets, but her biggest interests are her book collection and her animals. Lesley loves to hear from readers, and the easiest way to get in touch can be found here:

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**All Saturday Snippet excerpts are posted with the permission of the author. My Blissful Books claim no copyright to the work.**

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