Saturday Snippets featuring Bull by RJ Gray

“This tie is something a mentor taught me. It’s pretty, it’s inescapable, and it’s safe. It won’t cut off your circulation. It’s tight enough where you feel it but loose enough it won’t cause any long-term issues. If you notice, baby girl, I’ve tied this knot here on the bottom and not the top.”

She nodded, unsure why he was pointing it out.

“If we were playing and you were being a brat and tried to escape from Daddy’s ties you could use your teeth on a top knot. This way, you can’t get at the knot,” he winked at her.

“Now, up on your knees, taller for me,” he ordered, standing from the chair.

“No talking, now, Macaroni. Just breathe and feel.” Taking another rope, he wrapped it around her middle. She leaned forward to assist him. “No. Do not try to help me. Your job is to kneel here, silently and let me play with my girl.”
 I moved to Colorado to escape my overbearing mother and unfaithful fiancé. I now have a career as a counselor I love and own my first house. When my boss asked me, as a personal favor, to check in on the sexy as sin, former Navy SEAL turned cowboy with the hurt shoulder, how could I possibly say no? I wasn’t expecting him to be a Daddy Dom or to challenge my inner little to come out and play… but he does all of that and more.

Veronica picked me up from the hospital after I’d been shot and I haven’t gotten her out of my head since. When she asks if I could fix her garbage disposal, I jump at the opportunity to spend more time with her. When I leave her house I know I’ve found my girl. I just have to convince her that I’m the Daddy Dom of her dreams.
Each story in the Veteran of Valhalla series is a complete standalone, but you’ll want to read them all.

RJ Gray is a USA TODAY, Amazon & International Bestselling author of Explosively Hot Romance. She specializes in writing dominant military men and the feisty women they fall in love with.

Writing military romance comes second nature to RJ. A military veteran herself, she married her very own hero, an active-duty EOD technician. In the last almost two decades of marriage, they’ve lived in Illinois, DC, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, Washington State, Colorado, Virginia, and Hawaii. In 2022, the couple moved to the great state of South Carolina with their two young sons, two rescue dogs, and two adopted kittens.

When not writing, RJ’s hobbies include whipping up delicious meals, capturing life’s beauty with her camera and attending her children’s multiple sporting events.

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