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I am back in town near the bar district, leaving that sorry bastard where he belongs. I watch the humans interact and enjoy the company of one another. Mindlessly, I twirl her ring around my finger. I took it before I left the restaurant so that they would find no evidence of her presence there.

It was a beautiful ring, a cocky gesture on his part, the diamond was obnoxiously huge and I have no doubt it looked ridiculous on her tiny, delicate fingers. She didn’t seem like the type to want a huge bauble, but what did I know about her besides her being the victim.

I take flight around town, and I spot her car in a small home driveway. The forest on three sides surrounded it and her backyard stretched far before hitting the tree line. It was a quiet little hideaway.

From his memories, he was trying to convince her to move into his spacious, expensive condo, further implying they were moving forward. Why they would choose a small noisy, overpriced apartment to this peaceful retreat beats me. 

I swoop down and peer through the window into the living room. There she was asleep with the TV on; it casts colorful hues across her skin. 

I find an unlocked window and walk into the living room. Her face was splotchy and red, evidence of her crying profusely. Her petite frame wrapped up in a warm blanket. Her lips were turned down into a frown. I noticed small movements and realized; she was shivering. It was a bit chilly, and her fireplace wasn’t lit. I made sure the vents were open and the logs were safely piled and steady, so they didn’t move. I find the kindling and stuff it between the logs along with some newspaper and finally light it. The glow only enhances her radiance, and I couldn’t understand my fascination with this human. Nothing could ever come from this, but I felt this urge to comfort her. I pull another blanket from the coat closet by the door and lay it on top of her. She stirs a bit then stills again, hopefully lumbering into a sounder sleep. 

I exhale hard and realize I need to go. Turning off the TV with my back to her, ready to leave as quickly as I entered, I hear a sharp gasp.


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S Courtney is a romance author who has delved into paranormal, contemporary, and recently dark romance.

She loves to write my stories with a plot twist, to be blunt, there is no HEA without a fight or a bit of bloodshed. You’ve got to earn it.

Her current catalog includes The Bound Series, a five book paranormal, fated mate series. The Sandman, a paranormal, slow-burn, the Black Aces MC, a motorcycle romance and most recently, Assassinated by Love, book #1 of A Lies and Secrets Production Anthology.

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