Under His Guidance by Stacy Von Haegert

Under His Guidance by Stacy Von Haegert
Series: The White Rose Trilogy #2
Genres: Historical Romance

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Edward Kingston, Earl of Wellington, lives by a strict moral code: indulge in pleasure.
Edward lets his family represent the Kingston name with proper responsibility, while he secures the title of "Overall Cad". However, he makes an irreversible mistake by obliging one small favor, a dance lesson.
Morgan Sinclair needs a tolerable husband. Quickly! A season away with London’s elite Bon Ton should help. Her aunt, the duchess, will make Morgan the perfect debutante. Many lessons are necessary first, but her future depends on it. Morgan and her charismatic dancing master, the Earl of Wellington, find themselves in a situation neither of them expected. Love.
The notorious Kingston’s have a turbulent past of mystery and betrayal, but Morgan Sinclair has her own secrets looming. The couple must learn to navigate unprecedented obstacles…
…if their relationship is to survive

Once again Stacy Von Haegert has written a historical romance that kept my attention. This follows the life of Edward and Morgan. I am seeing a preference in how Von Haegert writes her female characters, strong and independent. Just the way I like the women in a story. I love how (so far) none of her females feel as though they have to follow society norms in the time period of the stories. Morgan is a little bit more compliant, but I gather that it is more due to her circumstances than to her true nature. I enjoyed diving into Under His Guidance and getting to be among that world again. Edward is a oxymoron of a self proclaimed bachelor. Watching him unwittingly fall for Morgan, when he wants his freedoms is entertaining. The mysteries and conflicts from Under His Protection (book1) continues in book 2, which greatly pleased me. I was invested in book 1 and that held true in Under His Guidance. The ending of this book has me patiently awaiting the release of the next book. If you have ever held doubts abut historical romance, let me tell you this is the series to take a chance on. As I wrote in my review of the first book, Con Haegert has modernized the way the characters talk, to me this made it much easier to read and just enjoy. I hope you gamble on this series an author. You wont be disappointed.

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