Under His Protection by Stacy Von Haegert

Under His Protection by Stacy Von HaegertUnder His Protection by Stacy Von Haegert
Series: The White Rose Trilogy #1
Genres: Historical Romance

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Fans of Bridgerton and Outlander will love this richly textured and adventurous Historical Romance by International Bestselling Author Stacy Von Haegert!
Most debutantes meet their intendeds at polite societal gatherings, not over a duel in Hyde park. However, Greyland Kingston is not your typical young lady, and her family is far from conventional.
Alexander Hamilton, Duke of Ravenswood, is about to find out how unique the family is when he becomes unwittingly entangled with the newly arrived Kingston's from New Orleans—one family member in particular.
With her spirited personality and innocent aversion to all things proper, Greyland Kingston completely throws him off his well-established game. The gossip fans start to flutter when Greyland, her two older brothers and distinguished father, make their debut. Who is this family? How do they know the Queen? Why does the patriarch look like the ghost of the long-ago Plantagenet King, Edward the IV?
Trouble ensues in the form of jealous women, ambitious men, and a vengeful Irish clan. Alexander quickly finds that having Greyland for his own will come at a steep price…
And he must risk everything to keep her protected.

I’m going to be very honest here. I do not usually read Historical Romance. It’s just not my cup of tea. So to say Under His Protection by Stacy Von Haegert caught me by surprise is an understatement. Von Haegert brought to life a beautifully written story. I loved her main characters and side characters. Greyland, the female main character, is unlike most historical females. She is free spirited, intelligent, outspoken, and quite the handful. I fell in love with her instantly. Never one to back down or turn the other cheek, she didn’t not conform to society. Honestly I think Greyland is the main reason I loved this book. Now Von Haegert does not use the English that they spoke back in that time period. I know some will not like that but I personally liked it a lot. My life is always busy so to when I read I like to let my mind relax. Silly I know but its the truth. To me it also made the characters more relatable for me. The author didn’t totally throw all the language out but just enough that I was able to actually enjoy the story she had to tell. Under His Protection has so much more than just romance to it. It also has mystery and plenty of duels and conflict. This is a historical romance series that I will actually finish..

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