2021 Wrap Up – My favorites of the year

I have sat down to write a couple reviews this week. Every time words escaped me because they were that dayum good. I think 2021 has been the year for paranormal romance, at least for me it has.  They are in my top reads of this year. So, I figured why not add them to my 2021 wrap up. Read  on to find my favorite books/series of this year. Now as always, these are books I read this year. Some of them may not have come out this year. But let’s get this party on the road.

The Rise of the Pride by Theresa Hissong

Anyone who asks me about shifter or paranormal romance will have me telling them that they have to read this series. I will say that anytime I am asked. Theresa Hissong has made me fall in love with her panthers. Each book comes alive inside my mind. She drew me in with Talon and made me fall deeper in love with each new book. If you’re new to PNR this is the series to make you fall in love with the genre. Talon was my first ever shifter book and I will never look back.

The Witches of the West Raven Hills by Joci Grace Morgan

Joci Grace Morgan’s witches will captivate you. Having demons, face, and vampires added to the mix just makes it extra spicy. This series will blow you away with the world building and growth. Each girl and her mate have such unique stories. And the romance time is hawt! I can’t wait to see what Joci comes out with next.  Joci is one of my automatic one clicks.

The Derivation Series by Rachel Blake and Amilia Quinn

Finding out as an adult that everything you knew is not what it seems to be and wading through all the mess that can entail definitely puts these cousins in a wicked predicament. This world grabs you and makes you buckle up. Just when you think you have it all figured out there is another curve ball. This series is flawlessly written. You cannot tell where one author ends and the next begins. They are authors to be watching.

Ascenders Saga by C.L. Gaber

Have you ever wondered what happens when someone passes away? Then you need to read the Ascenders Saga. C.L. Gaber brings  you to an amazing afterlife that at times challenges Walker and Daniel. It shows them the truth of who they are and who they thought they were. I absolutely loved all the cameos of beloved celebrities who teach at the Academy. The ties that bind this all together are beautiful. The love and friendship  that grows between many of the characters is something that all of us aspire to. I am chopping at the bit to read the upcoming book. This series is a must read.

I am looking forward to more reading and reviewing in 2022. I hope you come along with me for the ride. And as always Smooch’s & Dueces. 💋✌️


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