A Very Christmas Rossi by Quinn Marlowe

A Very Christmas Rossi by Quinn MarloweA Very Rossi Christmas (a Dark Mafia Romance) (Mafia Rogues: The Rossi Chapter) by Quinn Marlowe
Genres: Mafia Romance, Dark Romace
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I moved to LA to get away from the life, and I thought I’d succeeded. College, law school, and plenty of sunshine. Beaches, books… and a gun always in my purse.
Because when you’re the only daughter of one of the biggest mafia Dons in the country, you don’t get to just walk away. Even when you move to the other side of the country.
The problem is, you just never know when the son of your father’s enemy is going to show up… and start following you.
I thought I was going to have a peaceful Santa Monica Christmas. Instead, I have a new fucking shadow, and I’m constantly looking over my shoulder and trying to figure out if Joseph Rossi is here to shoot me in the back… or rekindle the friendship we destroyed five years ago.


Santa Monica at Christmas. California in the winter. And my first business trip for the family.
If I do it right, this could be the biggest deal of my career. Proof to my father—and his men—that I’m ready to move up in the organization. Start doing my own thing.
But of course there’s a wrench in that plan. Of course there’s a complication.
Sloane. Fucking. Brennan. My childhood best friend. The girl I’ve been in love with since I was a kid. The girl who nearly got me killed five years ago, and who I haven’t spoken to ever since.
She’s not my problem. She’s trouble, and she’s going to ruin my shot at finalizing the deal my father sent me out here to negotiate.
But when I realize that she’s got a shadow—some guy dogging her steps with his hand inside his coat like he’s got his finger on the trigger of a gun—I realize one more thing.
She might not be my best friend anymore. I might not have any rights to her. But I’m going to be well and truly damned if I let anyone else lay a fucking finger on her.
*A Very Rossi Christmas is a dark mafia romance in short story form, and includes violence and mature sexual themes. If you’re triggered by guns, sex, rape, or murder, this isn’t the series for you.

A Very Rossi Christmas is the debut novella by Quinn Marlowe. It is explosive, steamy, and intriguing. Quinn Marlowe has blown the door of newcomer right off the hinges. A Very Rossi Christmas puts a well executed spin on a star crossed lovers plot. The whole book had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out The who, what, where and definitely the why. Beautifully written, the story invites you to come in and kick off your shoes, while blowing up in front of you.


I can not wait until Marlowe’s first full novel comes out in February. I am excited to see how she takes these two spitfire characters and the steam that radiates between them to the next level. Going off this novella I have high expectations.

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