Review: Need by Mandy L Woodall

Review: Need by Mandy L WoodallNeed (The Landrys, #1) by Mandy L. Woodall
Series: The Landrys #1
Genres: Romance
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Bailey The things I’ve seen, the things I’ve lived through, left me with scars, both physical and mental. I was closed off to people, not wanting to make attachments that I knew would break. I had friends and someone I considered family, but I didn’t let myself need anyone. Then, there he was. I felt high when I was with him and like nothing could touch me. It was a crazy, insane, have me committed type of situation. Ryker Growing up with five siblings and awesome parents, I knew what love and support was. I was surrounded in it. I listened to my mom explain to us that we would find the one, and I believed her. I believed in love. I just didn’t realize it would happen so soon. Then, there she was. I knew right away she was my one. I needed her, but would she let herself need me?

Need is the book I didn’t know I needed. This book is smoking hot. Like call the fire dept cause it is going to burn your house down hot. Woodall holds no punches back with her first scene. So be prepared that you will need a few minutes to cool off. How this book escaped my attention in 2017 boggles my mind!

Ryker and Bailey are two relatable characters who grab at your heartstrings.  They are exquisitely written, well developed and their growth through out the book is impressive. The world of the Landry’s is idyllic and makes you want to be a part of it.

I was totally taken with not only the characters (although I claim Bailey as my bestie now) but the whole world was alluring. Their friends and family may be just side characters in this book but Woodall has you wanting and needing more. I know it did me and I ended up reading book 2 & 2.5.

With this being Woodall’s first book I can not wait to see how she grows in her writing. This book left me begging for another. I just can’t believe that I didn’t know her name before now. She is an author to watch out for and now a one click for me.

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