Review: Ryker’ Challenge by Annie Taylor

Review: Ryker’ Challenge by Annie TaylorRyker’s Challenge by Annie Taylor
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance

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Ryker Reynolds is on a collision course with fate. Alone and haunted by his mother’s death, Ryker is claimed by a wolfpack, despite not being a wolf. His adoptive family provides the home he never had, but something is still missing, and deep within lies a rage he can’t free himself from. Jade Marchand can’t sit by and allow him to screw up his life.Driven by the undeniable attraction flaming between them, she joins Ryker on his quest to discover who he is and why he’s the only member of his family still alive. When their search attracts the evil that destroyed Ryker’s birth family, he’ll have to fight for his survival… and Jade’s.

This is a beautifully written  paranormal/shifter romance. Annie Taylor is showing us that she has what it takes to bring  paranormal to new heights. She put a twist on the shifter world that will totally blow you away and make you think to yourself, “Why wasn’t this done before?”. Everything you thought you knew goes right out the window. Taylor has flipped that script with this book.

Taylor makes you fall in love with her characters, Ryker and Jade. Their personalities while similar are still very different. This couple makes you root for them, individually and as a couple. Ryker’s Challenge  makes you realize that sometime things are easier when you lean on someone.

The flow and pace of the storyline is perfect. Never a dull moment. I challenge you to read Ryker’s Challenge and see how fast you fall.


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