Review: Cursed by A.R. Hall and D. Gemini

Review: Cursed by A.R. Hall and D. GeminiCursed (Secrets of Lake Donahue Book 1) by A.R. Hall, D. Gemini
Series: Secrets of Lake Donahue #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance

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Welcome to Lake Donahue, a picture-perfect coastal town.

Don’t let the postcard image fool you. The founding families put that filter in place to hide the secrets that go bump in the night. And just like everything else, time has a habit of bringing secrets to the surface.

Exhausted from living in the public eye, Caleb MacMillon is under the constant scrutiny of his family and the expectations of society. Crumbling under the pressure, he flees to the one place where he can hide, the sleepy little town of Lake Donahue. What better place to disappear? To become invisible? To blink entirely from society’s radar?

Until it actually happens.

Heading home after years away should feel welcoming to Valerie Donahue, but she’s got her own familial difficulties. Being a daughter of a founding family comes with its own pressures—and family secrets. But it’s different now. Valerie is an adult with her own agenda, and she’s finally moving into her own space.

Until she meets her surprise roommate.

A hottie in a mirror.

An accidental curse.

The explosive sexual attraction of two people who can’t even touch.

Legacies are a bitch to unravel.

The best sign of a co-written book is when it flows seamlessly and the reader can’t tell who wrote what scenes. A.R Hall and D. Gemini have this down pat. Cursed has a unique storyline that keeps you entranced from the beginning. This book reeks of humor and sexiness. It flows so beautifully.

Caleb and Valerie are dealing with a situation that has never occurred before. Their chemistry is off the charts but if they will find a way to be together is yet to be seen.

Cursed had me from page one. I laughed, I blushed, and I was hooked. I was elated to find out that this is going to be a series. It was a fast and easy read. Cursed is a book that I wish I could read again for the first time. Kudos to Hall & Gemini for being exemplary examples of what a magnificent co-write is all about.


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