Review: Hayley by Livell James

Review: Hayley by Livell JamesHaley : Tainted Love Book Two by Livell James
Series: Tainted Love #2
Genres: Paranormal Romance

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Haley no longer runs from the secrets of her family, accepting the truth of her Dhampir life in the Other World. Dreaming of eternal life with her mate suddenly becomes threatened by the past. Will she be strong enough to overcome her worst fear or will she succumb to the dark side?

Austin’s past is no longer his concern, but he must face it to have peace. It’s the only way to have a happy eternal life with his mate, Haley. The vampire he sired, the mate he has chosen, and a bond like no other could be too much for him to handle, but can he take on these roles while facing their past?

The Blood Moon ceremony is coming up, and their urge to mate is evident despite everything else. Will their lives change since moving to the Other World under the city of Shreveport, Louisiana? Will the hidden city ever be the same?

*Intended for readers over the age of 18

Hayley is the second book in the Tainted Love series by Livell James. Fair warning you must read book 1, Austin, before you attempt reading Hayley so that you understand all the ends and outs of the plot.

Livell James continues to shock and surprise with the twists and turns of Austin & Hayley’s life. Just when you think you have everything figured out you learn differently.

James has made vampires even more mysterious than before. He has totally added a new and refreshing spin on a trope that is sometimes played out. This is a beautifully created world that everyone should be reading.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Hayley and am anxiously awaiting the next book. I want to see where James take the motley crew that he has assembled.

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