Review: The Rise of the Pride series by Theresa Hissong

by Theresa Hissong
Genres: Shifter Romance

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In July of 2019 I read the first book, Talon,  in the Rise of the Pride series by Theresa Hissong. I reviewed it for the blog and swore I’d get back to reading the rest of the series. Well ya’ll it took me a couple years and a huge book funk to finish them. The Pride not only brought me out of the funk but also reminded me why I loved Talon so much. I subsequently fell deeply in love with each following story.


Theresa Hissong has created a massive amount of heart-stopping, mind blowing characters and a world that captures your attention and heart. She writes strong alpha men and (in many ways) stronger women.


Rise of the Pride held me captive, a very willing captive. Learning all about this world and how old fashioned beliefs are challenged and how these strong women help change their world. Bettering not only theirselves but also the whole Pride. How their men help them find their strength and encourage them to shine and inspire the younger generation.


Of course like any other reader I had my favorites but you have to read the whole series to know exactly why those men and women became that way. The Pride is more than just a love story between two people. It is about family, loyalty, and acceptance. It is a series that will stay with you long after you finish the last page.


The Rise of the Pride right now is at book 12 with many more to come. Books that I personally can not wait to dive into and walk back into a world that feels like my second home.


If you have never read a shifter book before I highly recommend starting the Rise of The Pride series. Talon is FREE on all platforms. Just follow this link to snatch it up and fall for all of the Pride men and women,

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