📚Spotlight Author: JA LaFrance📚

I have had the pleasure to get to know JA LaFrance over this past year. I have worked beside her and have become really good bishes lol. I am excited to let you get to know her as well.



1. What’s one writing rule that you consistently break and why?

I have never been one to follow rules. If the story I am writing flows and makes my beta readers ask me “What was I thinking?” I know my story has merit. I also write all curvy and proud women. Not many authors write for that audience.

2. Congratulations on opening your PA company, Badger PA Services. How do you handle being an author, PA and running your new business?  Where do you find the time to dedicate to your writing?
I have a truly amazing team of authors that I PA for. They jump in to pimp each other and are always up to help any member of the team that asks. They truly are a diverse set of authors each writing something that makes you want the next. I always set time to write every afternoon, and on weekends.
3. What is one of your favorite things about the Indie book industry?

The Indie book Industry is truly an amazing place. You have a group of people that support you, and encourage you to keep going. The positivity outweighs the negativity on any given day.

4. Describe your writing process? Do you have to have music, snacks, etc.

I write in total chaos. My kids running around, snacks flowing, hubs watching TV and of course music going in my ear. I always say that I have organized chaos.

5. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Wait, I’m a writer? I truly don’t consider myself a writer. I put my heart into every book I write, and smile when my babies are releases to the world. I suffer from Imposter Syndrome at the best of times.

6. Tell us something really interesting that’s happened to you during a signing or someone recognizing you. 

My first signing will be the Ignite your soul author event in 2022 (hopefully). I think the best thing that has happened to me is a reader reached out and thanked me for writing From TheDarkness. She told me that it made her proud to be a survivor. That is what I love, if I can reach even one person, it’s a win.

7. What is a major pro about being Indie? What is a major con?

Major pro, is that I control my business, I can release as many or as little as I want. Major Con, sometimes it is extremely hard to get seen.

8. What book have you written that you are most proud of?

From The Darkness, Bleeding Miners MC Book 1. The book broke me, but also was amazing to write.

9. What fandoms are you apart of?

Erm, sorry this one confuses me.

10. If you could bring one fictional character to life who would it be and why?

My favourite characters are the Hawks MC club from Lila Rose. The whole group of men and women would be a blast to hang out with.


JA resides in Northern Ontario Canada but is originally from the Capital of Ontario.
She is a married to her loving husband and has three beautiful children.
When she is not locked in her writing cave she works with the board of education as a supply Educational Assistant.
She loves watching hockey and Soccer and enjoys talking to the many people she has made friends with.
She enjoys a good joke and can usually be seen with a smile on her face and a joke on her lips.


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