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YAY! Today I get to bring you another amazing author, Samantha McCoy. Yes I’ve met her and yes I think she’s amazing. Sadly I have no pics of me and her to share with you because I’m a forgetful person and was too busy oohing and awwing over her grand baby, Master D. He was just itty bitty and is sooo cute.

1. How much has changed in the industry since you began your career?

I’m not sure if the industry has changed. But I have. When I first started writing, I was so naïve. I thought a certain author was my friend, and boy was I wrong. But it wasn’t just there. I’ve had authors, cover designers, and even readers try to put me down black holes. Through interactions with the people in this industry, I learned so much about myself and others. For so many, this industry is cutthroat and if you allow it, it will pull you under. However, for others, like myself, we believe there is room for everyone and try to spread that love. Since paving my way in the Indie world, I think I have run across both types at some point. And each has changed me in some way or another.


2. You write in several genres and different worlds, is there any that you would like to dip your toes into?

There is! I am actually dipping into it right now. Soon-ish, I will be jumping into the world of Sci-Fi and I couldn’t be more excited. I already have the first cover for book one and it is FAB-U-Lous! Not only is this new series going to be so much fun, but it will also open so many doors for other books and such. I can’t wait to share more with everyone!


3. How hard is it to write in another author’s world? Which do you prefer creating your own worlds or adding to someone else’s?

I definitely prefer to write in my own world. It’s so much easier. I follow my own rules (or make them up as I go, is more like it); however, writing in someone else’s is hard. Extremely hard. I’m constantly worried about being mindful of the rules and guidelines. And we all know – I am NOT one to follow the rules. But the pressure is always there to meet certain expectations before the book is even released. Will my readers like it? Will the other author’s readers like it? What if I bomb and destroy an entire world? And those are just a fraction of the thoughts I toss around.


4. What is your favorite aspect of the Indie community?

The people. This community has the biggest heart. Yes, there are some shadows, and they can darken a lot of doors, but they cannot even begin to touch the love that this industry has. The way the people – authors and readers – come together is unlike anything else. Good or bad, so many people are right there to spread the love. And it warms my little black heart. <3


5. Since COVID has hit how has your career changed?

I don’t know if it has changed my career, per-se, but it has affected it. I had a lot of trouble finding my muse and keeping it! 2020 was one hell of a year. And not in a good way. So much of my life changed since COVID hit. Personally, and professionally. Being stuck in the house 24/7 was rough on my mental health; and that alone, made writing romance extremely difficult. So many times, I wanted to just hit the delete button and write a book about the real-life of a struggling author during a horrendouspandemic. I cannot even count how many times I just wanted to through in the towel because no words were forming. And then I got sick, and it got worse. COVID sucks! I fell behind in my releasing schedule and there was just no way to recover. I am not someone who admits defeat very often, but in that regard, I just didn’t have a choice. Everything fell apart and there were too many pieces to put back together. It was all depressing. And for anyone who’s ever tried to be bright, loving, and romantic when they felt like their world was imploding – will understand extra what kind of uphill battle I had.

6. What is something you miss having or seeing in your career? What is something that has uplifted you in your career?

I miss book signings!!! Oh, my goodness! I *need* signings in my life. I have never been a “people person”, but losing that small thing, has been HORRIBLE! I have always been that person who stands off by herself. There, but not. However, losing signings was a big hit for me. I missed that interaction. But my readers, who have messaged me or interacted with me on social media, –have been my real MVPs. Their love and support have pulled me up so many times, and I will be forever grateful. They truly are the best!


7. You have a chronic illness, how does this affect your writing? Has it brought any positive things to it?

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012; however, in the last few years, it has taken a downhill slide. I write full-time, meaning I start at 7am and work until about 4pm. But my body hates me for it. Under doctor’s orders, I can’t sit for more than thirty minutes at a time, without getting up to do a series of exercises – because after a while, my pain level skyrockets, and I can no longer manage it. However,when I am in the middle of a scene and the words are flowing, adhering to that rule is nearly impossible. I tend topush myself way too far. There have been plenty of days that I finish writing only to realize that I have been sitting for two hours (or more) and when I try to stand up – my body is like “Haha! You thought!”. Suddenly, it feels like I’ve been beaten with a baseball bat, and my muscles, nerves, and joints are not my friends any longer. It’s really an up and down roller coaster ride for me and I thank goodness for the tens unit my physical therapist insisted I get.


8. If you could have any author mentor you who would it be and why?

Oh. That’s a tough one. There are so many authors that I love and respect. So many that make me want to be better. JR Ward and Christine Feehan were and still are, two of my favorite authors. If I can ever become half the writers that they are, or half as successful, then I will know that I finally made it. The way they mold words to create a world in your head is astonishing. They are two authors wholiterally take you on an adventure – Every. Single. Time.


9. Could you describe your writing process for us? Snacks? Music?

Music, Lemonheads, dumdums, and coffee – the four things I always have when writing. I will connect to my Spotify, plug in my earbuds, and turn up the music until I can’t hear anything but. Sometimes, when I am struggling for words, I will ride to work with my husband and just sit in the car (now, because of COVID). That change of scenery is the kick to the butt that always gets the creative vibes going again.


10. What advice would you give to a new author?

Don’t give up. Self-edit three times before sending to an editor. And yes, you NEED an editor – no made how good you are with words. Also, everyone will not be your friend. Keep your writing circle small and the fewer hands that touch your story, before publishing – the better. Remember, that is your book baby. Never let anyone tell you how to write your story.



Samantha McCoy is from Texas but currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. She is a mother of three grown kids and Mimi to five grandbabies! Sam writes Contemporary Romance of the MC, Erotica, and paranormal variety with a dash of something extra, usually action and suspense.

She is a huge music lover of all genres. Willingly suffers from a coffee and Dr. Pepper addiction.And is also a Lemonheads fanatic. She is a HUGE New Orleans Saints fan and loves to screen at the TV during football season. Yes, she’s one of those people.

When she isn’t writing, you can normally find her submerged in her favorite PC game – RuneScape. Curled up in her bed with her cat, Karen, reading a book. Or, stuck on the floor with her grandson “Master Sir”, using her as a jungle gym.

If there’s any more you’d like to know, make sure to check out her Reader group Sam’s Books & Sultry Bits!


You can find all of Samantha’s Links here


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