2020 Favorites…

I normally don’t do a post on my favorites for the year, but this time I decided to switch things up. Please know that these are just a few books that really caught my attention. They stayed with me months after reading them. Yes I know some may not be new in 2020 but they were new to me and my favorites for this year.

#LoveStrong by Courtney Lynn Rose is one book that totally crawled into my skin and still has not let me go. It is a truly exquisite telling of tragedy, love, and hope. It is truly one of the best books I’ve read this year.

A while back a friend of mine, Donna, kept raving about this series called Ruthless Kings MC. Then I had the pleasure of meeting the authors, K.L. Savage. They were so sweet I had to give one of their books a try. I got Reaper’s Rise (which is FREE right now) and my love for the Ruthless Kings were born. This is one series that simply has blown me away with the backstories of every member. Never has twisted and tormented been so lovable. Savage has a way of making what many would deem the unlovable into being just that lovable. You can overlook all that they have done and continue to do once you know the reasoning.

I was asked by the authors, Kara Leigh Miller, of the The Cursed Series if I’d be willing to review the first book in the series, Eternal Curse. OMG!! Best yes I have ever said!! If you like Twilight you are going to fall madly in love with The Cursed Series. Miller surpasses Twilight and gives us Chloe, Trent and Jax. This series has become my favorite paranormal series for this year. You need to try it out on Amazon.

Joci  Grace Morgan is my favorite debut author. I read her debut book, Rise of the Ravens, and was blown away with her world building and story line. I am trying to patiently await book 2. I honestly was surprised that this was her debut book. I hope to see many more from Morgan. She truly wraps you up in the world she’s created.

I read Peace of Infinity by Maegan Able earlier this year and found the story to be a slice of heaven between  a cover. This book truly makes you think of your soul mate and if this plot could really be true. It was a beautiful storyline. I look forward to reading more from Able.



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