🎧Audio Review: Blank Canvas by Liberty Parker🎧

Blank Canvas by Liberty Parker
Series: Diva's Ink #1
Genres: Romance
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From the time I was a little girl, I knew I was going to follow in my father’s footsteps. The art form of tattooing always intrigued me, and it became my life’s goal to put my work on other people’s bodies. My blank slates as I called them, ready and waiting for me to help the individual express themselves.

I’m fully tatted and pierced and I love myself the way I am and will not change that for anyone. I had tried my hand at love once before, but it didn’t turn out very well, so I gave up and concentrated on making my shop successful. Then one night I came in contact with my high school crush, Dillon Connelly.

And he changed everything.


Growing up, I knew I needed to escape my parents’ house and make something of myself. My sixth-grade science teacher, Mrs. Masters, changed the course of my life and encouraged me to reach for something better. I worked hard and became a doctor, graduating at the top of my class. No one was holding me back from my goals in life. I’ve always been searching for something, never quite figuring out what that was until a familiar patient’s daughter became my soul purpose for living.

Could she be the one?

Ariel and Dillon cross paths after a devastating event involving Ariel’s mother. This chance encounter changes the path of their lives. But something is lurking in the background that could test their new-found love. Can they put an end to this new threat before it separates them from each other for good? Or will this threat ruin their one chance at happiness together?

©2018 Liberty Parker (P)2019 Liberty Parker

In all honesty I read the book days before I listened to the audible. I wasn’t expecting to be able to listen to the book. But who am I to turn down the chance. I fully enjoyed the book and the audio. Sarah Puckett and Connor Brown did an exceptional job bringing the characters to life for me.

Sarah Puckett was able to  portray both the tougher and sweeter vulnerable sides of Ariel. Bringing out different sides of a person can be difficult, yet Puckett was able to do so and keep it consistent.

Connor Brown’s voice is very sexy and soothing but with enough force that he makes a believable Dillion. I enjoyed and giggled at him doing the female characters during Dillions chapters.


Both Puckett and Brown make Blank Canvas come alive. Blank Canvas shows how strong women can lean on others without losing their strength, that everyone at some point needs a strong place to lean. I highly recommend both the audible and the book. Liberty Parker has given us a story that touches on so many real life issue. The one thing I absolutely love about her writing is that her female characters are so strong yet vulnerable. She is able to bring forth strength without making the heroine into a shrew. Her men are protective, strong and understanding.


The Diva Ink series is one that should be read and listened to by everyone. But that’s just my humble opinion.

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