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by Liberty Parker
Genres: MC Romance

As a reader/blogger that attends multiple signings a year I am blessed to meet many authors. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Liberty Parker at a couple of events (and somehow don’t have any pictures still). Liberty is such a sweet person, albeit very shy, unlike her co-writer and dear friend, Darlene Tallman. I was excited when her name came up for our Spotlight Author!
I had read a couple of her co-written books but since I’m not bogged down on requested reviews (I’m currently on a self inflicted hiatus from requests) I grabbed her Diva Ink series and binged, so good and I highly recommend them, to prepare myself for this interview.
So without further ado, let me introduce to this amazing woman.

K: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

LP: I don’t know that I do. I still learn with each and every book released how to reach out to the reader and pull them into my imaginative world. I consider myself an entrepreneur of the written word; I’m still striving to reach the goal as a writer. I feel when people aren’t still going ‘Liberty who’ I’ll have earned that golden title. I’m still sitting on the bronze platform; but I work hard and have never been one to back down, be pushed down, or quit when I have my eye on a prize.

K: Having dyslexia is hard enough for any average person but as an author I can only imagine how much it could play into your craft. Do you find it actually strengthens you as a writer? Does it make you more cautious?

LP: It makes me very hesitant to release books. I know that there’s going to be mistakes in the every day book, editors and authors are only human after all, but I always worry I ended something too soon or wrapped  up a scene too quickly. My brain works differently than the average person’s, and in my head things have been followed through and executed since they’ve all worked out there. I think it makes me work harder and fight more to reach the end goal… writing those famous words—THE END. I also depend on my tribe to help me with those words that look right on paper, but aren’t correctly spelled. Spell check can only do so much for me, Siri is one of my best-friends when it comes to finding a word and the correct verbiage and spelling. At the end of the day, what keeps me pushing and fighting, are the loving words of my readers and friends. There are times I’m ready to throw the towel in when I feel ‘stupid’ then, I remember my brain just works differently; I’m not dumb, I just need to concentrate that much harder. I feel my dyslexia has built some character for me and made me a stronger woman therefore; I write stronger heroine’s.

K: How do you do research for your books?

LP: Google, Siri, Thesaurus, and my friends. I write based on a few things I’ve either lived, or have heard from friends and family and stories they’ve had shared with them as they grew up…etc. I also find causes that are close to my heart; things that are troublesome in the world and try to express those issues in my books. Human trafficking, bullies… just to name a couple.

K: In your Divas Ink series you have a trio of strong intelligent and capable women; did you emulate people you know in real life into your writing?

LP: I actually did. There are two very strong willed women in my life. My bestie Charmane of over twenty years and my little sister Kayce. They are two of the strongest women I’ve ever encountered. They are also the ones who have cheered me on the most. They both speak their minds, stand up for the underdog, never back down from a challenge and have taught me the true meaning of sisterhood. Those women wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for their strong influences in my life.

K: You co-write several series with different authors, do you find it easier to co-write or harder? Which do you prefer?

LP: Ooh, see, that’s a tough one to answer. I love both, actually. With Darlene, I get to touch on the lighter side of love. A little drama, an entire family of strong bonds and brotherhood where the MC is more of a background instead of the main source. With my sister, Kayce, the Twisted Iron MC is on the darker side. We do have a light book in there filled with humor; but those men are all about the club and their women and will go to the extreme’s to protect both; no matter the cost. And the Old Ladies club was a blast! We were all in the same document, on the phone and I think we laughed more than we wrote. But, in my solo books, I get to lead the entire story on my own. Every word, every thought is mine and mine alone. When you co-write, you have to remember that you have someone else in there with their own thoughts and sometimes you need to back away and let them lead you. That’s the hardest pill for me to swallow, because I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to work that has my name on it. There have been some up and downs through the years that I started writing with another author; but I think we’ve pulled through and our books are getting stronger as we go. I love working with both of these ladies and can’t wait to see what new stories and adventures we go on.

K: How much ‘world building’ takes place before you start writing?

LP: If it’s an established series, not much, you simply follow the book that took place before it. Now, if you’re starting an entirely new series, that’s a different ballgame all together. I’m a fly by the seat type of writer, I let my characters lead me and I just follow along on their journey. But, before I start, I try to know how many books I’m going to have in the series, names of characters, back characters, and need to know by the final book how it’s all going to tie together. And titles, I think that’s the hardest to come by… I’ll have one in mind, then halfway through it changes as the story develops. That’s as much ‘world building’ as this lady does. I’m not a plotter, I think that in my mind, it would take away from my characters voices so I choose to be their narrator instead of their leader. I hope that makes sense.

K: What has been your favorite part, and your least favorite part, of the publishing journey? Do you find it more challenging to write the first book in a series or to write the subsequent novels?

LP: 1) My favorite part has been all of the friends I’ve made in this industry. I started working on my first novel in 2014 and in that time, I’ve discovered some amazing people.
2) My least favorite; the anger and rudeness of others. I’ve had to deal with some bullies and trolls that make me want to cry, toss in the towel, then, I look back and figure out, that’s what they want; and I come back faster and harder. My swings may not always land the punch, but I feel better for not letting them take me down.

3) The first book is always the hardest. It’s the one that builds a series and you have to share a lot of details which some readers love while others loathe. It’s the building block of the series. So while some shuffle through book 1, others will devour it so they know what to expect; the back stories…etc.

K: What do you hope your readers take away from your books?

LP: I hope I’ve helped them get lost in a fantasy world for a time. Adulting is hard work, and sometimes we need to get lost in other’s drama and struggles and step away from our own. If I’ve helped someone get out of their head and relax; I call that a win.

K: What book and character are you most proud of and why??

LP: The DreamCatcher men and women. They’ve had some bad things happen in their lives and yet, they come out stronger and happier at the end. They stick to one another like glue and even though they make some initial bad decisions, they finally get it right in the end and I feel as if they’re a stronger union because of it. Not only the brothers, but the old ladies as well.

I hope y’all have enjoyed getting know Liberty Parker as much as I did. Last year My Blissful Books was blessed to be able to join up with Liberty and Darlene Tallman’s groups and help them bring Christmas to several families in honor of Liberty’s son, Colton. It was such a huge honor for us to be able to do this. Liberty isn’t just an amazing author but her heart is also bigger than Texas. We cannot wait to join forces with them again this holiday season.

Thank you Liberty for your time and such an incredible interview!!

Bio: Liberty has been an avid reader for most of her life. When she was younger she used to sit and fill spiral notebooks full of stories. She loves getting creative and working behind the scenes with her characters and bringing her imagination to life.

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