Review: It’s Always Been You by Hadley Raydeen

Review: It’s Always Been You by Hadley RaydeenIt's Always Been You by Hadley Raydeen
Genres: Small Town

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We had one brief encounter 15 years ago when we were both teens.Now, he’s back home, looking like he wants to finish what we started—but the obstacles seem insurmountable. He’s my boss’s son, and his father has sworn me to secrecy about things his children know nothing about. When he forces his son and me to work together, his son thinks he can control me at work and at home. He doesn’t share well with others, and he makes that crystal clear to any man who looks in my direction.
It doesn’t help that he has his own personal baggage that could throw a wrench in us getting to know each other again.
Can we get past the secrets and jealousy trying to tear us apart? Or were we doomed from the start?Jr, how can I make you understand, It's Always Been You?

When you loved and connected with a book so much that you just can’t find the words or your voice, that’s me right now with It’s Always Been You by Hadley Raydeen. I have sat here trying to write this review for over two weeks. The words and emotions I’ve been trying to pour out were stuck in my throat and finger tips. Yes, that is how deeply I feel for Karis and Rhett. For they are me and I am them.

I don’t normally become so attached to characters, but that just shows you the strength of Raydeen’s talent. She draws you in to a world without you even noticing. She elicits such strong emotions. You laugh, you cry, you love, and you hate.

The world Hadley has fostered is remarkable. Even characters I couldn’t like I felt for. I could see what made them the way they are. Raydeen masterfully writes about an interracial relationship and all the obstacles in their way. Her storyline flows organically. It’s Always Been You will leave you yearning for more and longing for a world that only exists among her words.

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