Review: Bait Me by Bella Jeanisse

Review: Bait Me by Bella JeanisseBait Me (The Girl Power Collection) by Bella Jeanisse

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Life on the sea is enough for Roselyn, until he gets under her skin.
Roselyn Jensen runs her father's crab boat with an iron fist. When another captain asks for her help, she expects the transition to be smooth. However, all her years on the Bearing Sea haven’t prepared her for him.
Salvatore Russo also comes from a long line of fishermen. Although the most junior of his boat’s crew, he yearns to advance. His hope grows when they need a replacement for their deck boss. He needs the newbie to take over his duties. Then she shows up
Between his resentment of her and her attraction to him, their worlds spin out of control. What happens when their love of the sea threatens to capsize these two jaded crabbers? Will they give in to their urges or stick to their pledge of staying professional?
The “Girl Power Collection” is a celebration of feminism in an unprecedented manner and will serve as an inspiration for millions of readers across the globe.
Over the years, men that have made landmark achievements in different facets of life have often been celebrated with very little stories about bad ass women that have excelled in their respective positions. While there are some works that highlight the fantastic achievements of women in powerful positions, there is no particular project exclusively dedicated to celebrating the “girl power.”
The compilation contains short stories with the theme of Girl Power in whichever way the author defines it for herself and her readers. The 33 romance stories are narrated in a diverse yet entertaining and inspiring way and will be released in regular intervals throughout 2020.

Holy Cow! First off let me say that that Girl Power Series is an AMAZING idea, the authors are all talented and intelligent women. I was very honored when I was asked to read and review Bait Me by Bella Jeanisse. I have never heard of a female crabber, so that aspect of the story totally grabbed me.

Jeanisse writes a stunning story of two people who both been hurt, neither looking for love that find their solace in each other. Not realizing that their paths have already crossed when they were mere kids or how fate keeps making their paths merge.

The steamy scenes and intimate workings of Salvatore and Roselyn leave you wanting for more. Seeing the growth in both main characters is just as satisfying as the storyline. Development and flow are consistent, making you see how the relationship goes full steam so fast. This book makes you feel powerful as a woman and yet also lets you see how just by letting someone treat you like a lady doesn’t mean that they are trying to make you feel less than. They may just be treating you with the respect and honor you deserve.

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