Review: Peace of Infinity by Maegan Able

Review: Peace of Infinity by Maegan AblePeace of Infinity by Maegan Abel

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Soul mates.
Two words that bring out a wide range of meanings, depending on who you’re asking.
According to Evangelie Walker, the women in her family are cursed. She’s watched this curse run rampant her entire life and she’s not about to fall into the trap. To protect herself, Evie keeps everyone at arm’s length, aside from her sister, Cara.
Things are a little different for Gavin Jericho. He’s spent his life waiting for Evie, just like he always does. He knows, without a doubt, she’ll appear at some point and the hollow ache he always feels during the wait will give way to the completeness she brings.
There are theories about soul mates ranging anywhere from romanticized fiction to scientific belief of one soul separated into two bodies. But is it a blessing or a curse to be so undeniably tied to another soul?
Can you find peace in your Infinity?

This book is heaven! Literal heaven. I was so mad after I was done reading it that no one had shoved a copy of it in my hands earlier. Maegan Able wrote a book that just totally wrapped me so deeply in the story I didn’t know wether to cry cause I wanted more, needed more or throw my kindle cause I was mad it was over and there was no more!

Gavin and Evangelie (love those names) are characters that as they develop in the story you are constantly rooting on. Praying that one gets their head out of their rump and quits ripping your heart apart.

The storyline was so unique and meaningful. It had me thinking long after I shut my kindle off at the end.

This is a book that I will think about for the rest of my life. It is one that I will talk about and recommend often. It is a book that I think everyone should read.

Peace of Infinity had my emotions all in a tangle in so many wonderful ways. It was beautifully written, flowed flawlessly, the character development was great. The only thing I hated about Peace of Infinity was that it ended.

I seriously can not wait to see what Maegan Able will do next. She is an author that has so much talent that I will be patiently (okay so maybe not so patiently) and eagerly awaiting her next books. 

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