New Release: Her Ransom by Addison Jane

๑۩♦۩๑NEW RELEASE๑۩♦️۩๑
இ☠️ HER RANSOM ☠️இ
By Addison Jane
Series: Royal Bastards MC
Designer: Jay Aheer at Simply Defined Art
Photog: Reggie Deanching
Models: Araceli and Tristen
When a new police chief moved into town, I knew there’d be issues.
We’d had a clean run for years.
Same shipments.
Same week.
Same time.
Things could have stayed that way, except for the fact that the new guy had a hard on for making my life a living hell.
Fortunately for me, there was one thing he loved more than power.
One thing that could possibly force his hand.
His daughter.
Sage Calder—she was beautiful, intelligent and there was a deviance in her eyes just itching to be to lead astray.  
If I was going to protect the club, I would need to break her.
And I was going to enjoy every moment of it.  
Her mind would despise me, but her body would plead for more.
And once I was done, I was going to keep both.
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