Review: Remember Me by Honey Palamino

Review: Remember Me by Honey PalaminoRemember Me: Gods of Chaos MC by Honey Palomino
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GRACE: My name is Grace. But I don’t know that. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know where I came from. The only thing I do know is that I woke up in the bed of an irresistible, leather-clad man with wild, savage eyes and a body that shakes me to my very core. Not only did he save my life, but he makes me feel like I’ve known him forever.

Maybe remembering isn’t so important after all.
RYDER: I should have known there’d be trouble when I saw that fucking owl again. But what was I supposed to do? Leave Grace there to die? And besides, I knew Doc would take good care of her. What I didn’t know was that she would threaten to shatter the foundation of chaos I had worked so hard to build. What I didn’t know was that she would cost me the one thing I had vowed to keep locked down - my heart.
What I didn’t know could really hurt me.
WARNING: Take the ride of your life with Honey Palomino’s amazon best-selling Gods of Chaos MC series! All three books are packed with nail-biting suspense and all the dangerously sexy alpha males bikers you can handle! This is the first book in the trilogy, but all three books are available now!
Please note: This book contains a free bonus book, Old Ghosts: Gypsy Riders Motorcycle Club by Honey Palomino!

When I started Remember Me I was kinda shocked because I kept on having the feeling that I had read this before…Like serious Déjà vu. And then BOOM it hit me like a stack of bricks when I hit a certain pivotal scene in the book. I had read Remember Me five years ago when it released. That right there should tell you what type of book Remember Me is…memorable.

Remember Me is a truly great book. Palamino has a way of making her characters grab your attention and emotions to take them on a truly extraordinary ride. The flow of the book and the development of her characters just makes you want to the twists and turns to keep coming. You do not want the journey to end.

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