Review: Malcom by Samantha McCoy

Review: Malcom by Samantha McCoyMalcolm (Rogue Enforcers, #9) by Samantha McCoy

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Malcom Hicks is next in line to take over the infamous Hicks Pride, but he has no idea what’s in store for him. His strength will be tested when a dangerous group of Hunters converge on his city. A war is on the horizon and Malcom will have to set aside his own desires if he plans to win it – not only for his people but for the entire world.
However, a painful betrayal will leave Malcom broken and destroyed.
Tabatha Petrova is a sheltered witch who has just learned that monsters are real, and family can’t always be trusted. When she is thrown into a war that can destroy the shifter world as she knows it, Tabatha runs to the only person she thinks can help her. Not only does she find the help she sought, but she also finds a man that melts her heart and burns her soul.But destiny refuses to be denied.
To win the battle, Malcom and Tabatha will have to call on some unlikely allies and band together to face a threat that has the potential to destroy them all – inside and out.

I have not read many shifter books in my life. To be honest this is like the third. Hell, I didn’t even know this was a shifter when I decided to read it. From the prologue though it was made very clear. It was there that I was taken captive into this world. Samantha McCoy’s contribution to the world Grace Brennan created grabs you and holds you hostage, willingly. 

McCoy makes no apologies for the whirlwind of emotions she brings forth from start to finish. Witches, dragons, lions, and so much more is exposed to us. Tabitha is on the run, heading to the only place she hopes to find help. Having been kept secluded from the world outside her coven, Tabitha has no clue what to expect.

Malcolm literally is a huge action packed fantasy shifter world with a splash of romance. It has me craving more. I want to dive into this world. I need to see more of it. McCoy has added to a world and expanded it in such a beautiful and flawless way.

With this being McCoy’s first venture into the paranormal world I can’t help but hope that it will not be her last. That she will bring me more Malcolm and Tabitha. I will say that she will have your emotions running all over. Samantha McCoy breaks your heart and slowly heals it. If I didn’t know better I’d say she was magical herself. 

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