Review: The Marquess Who Adored Me by Rachelle Stevenson

Review: The Marquess Who Adored Me by Rachelle StevensonThe Marquess who Adored Me (The Men who Revered Us Book 2) by Rachelle Stevensen

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Cole St. Andrew, The Marquess of Woodbridge has been afraid for years that he would turn into his father and hurt the love of his life. So, for years he watched his love from afar, too frightened of his past to do more than watch her. When he gets back to London after everything that happened with his family and finding out about their massive family secret, that is going to change, and nothing can stop him from claiming the woman he loves. Will he finally get the girl he loves or is it too late? Will he be able to rescue her from the fate that awaits her?
Eden Turner has loved Cole from afar for years. She is a wallflower and proud to be. There has never been anyone who makes her wish to change it, until she saw Cole across the room years ago. She has lived a quiet life, one that has been lonely and sad until she found her purpose in helping those less fortunate than her. Even though she too suffers abuse at the hands of her brother. When Cole gets back from his trip to the country, she is determined to speak to him. To finally tell him what she has kept secret for many years. But at the first ball they attend, he comes with a beautiful woman on his arm. She feels as though her heart is ripped from her chest, and Eden doesn’t wish to see him again. But things are not always what they seem. Will Cole be able to win her over? Will she be able to tell him of her love? And will he be able to save her from those who seek to harm them both?

The Marquess Who Adored Me is the second book in The Men Who Revere Us series. I stumbled on to this author. So when it was suggested that I read her book I agreed. I haven’t read historical romance since I was in my early teen years, but figured why not.

Rachelle Stevensen is new to the indie scene, with this being only her second book. Stevensen’s cover reminded me of the “Fabio” days. The pirate ships, handsome swashbuckler, and the damsel in distress all so gorgeously displayed.

So I dove in expecting to go back to a freer time in my life. I wasn’t disappointed. Stevensen brought a great plot and characters to the book. A story of two people who fall in love from a distance and fight the odds to come together. The plot was twist filled. Honestly, not what I was suspecting. She had a backstory that became a front story that literally floored me and made it where I had to keep reading. The plot kept me enthralled.

I have only one complaint (more so for those who read historical romance regularly) the language is more of the modern times than the olden days. This doesn’t truly bother me, simply because I have a harder time deciphering what they are saying when it is true to the era. Stevensen switches back and forth between the two ways of communicating. This hampered the flow but only a tiny itty bit. This is not something that would keep me from recommending the book, although I might forewarn those that are super critical about the accuracy in historical books.

I believe that Stevensen is just going to grow as she continues to write. I am really looking forward to her future books, as I’ve heard a couple of the side characters stories are going to be told. Stevensen was able to get me invested enough to want to read more of her characters. You will end up having a favorite. I am still trying to decide which is mine.

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