New Release: Lady & The Biker by Glenna Maynard

๑۩۩๑ New Release ๑۩۩๑
Lady & The Biker
Royal Bastards MC
Wallstreet Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author Glenna Maynard
Cover Design Simply Defined Art- Jay Aheer
She’s an angel thrust into the chaos of the devil’s playground.
I’m a Royal Bastard who doesn’t deserve her. She’s too young for me. Too pure and too good. I’m going to ruin her and break her heart. I know it and she knows it and yet neither of us can stay away.  I watched Wylla Mae transform from a girl into a lady. She’s forbidden and tempting with her soft curves and big doe eyes. Everything I crave and all that I deny myself until a moment of weakness forces me to break.
An enemy is on the move and when he sets his sights on her, all bets are off. I’ll move heaven and hell to keep her safe in my arms.
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