New Release: Vindicator by Crimson Syn

Genres: MC Romance, Romance
◄থৣ?থৣ►☠️NEW RELEASE☠️◄থৣ?থৣ►
Title: VINDICATOR (Death Row Shooters MC Book 3)
Author: Crimson Syn
Model: Alfie Gordillo
Cover Design: Lou Gray
Photographer: Randy Perillo Photography
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I’ve been laying low for the last fifteen years.
The Death Row Shooters took me in and offered solace.
In return, I offer protection and counsel as the club’s Chaplain.
I thought I’d left my past and its demons behind me,
But then she had to barge into my life,
Ginger Wright.
Young, beautiful, and carrying some dangerous baggage.
She’s begged me for protection, and I can’t deny her anything,
Even if it means putting my life in her hands.
I’m willing to give her all that she wants,
But first, I need to get rid of the shadows that lie in the dark.
The ones threatening to hurt the woman I’ve claimed as my own.
Jayce Williams is not the man I expected.
When I’m near him I’m weak and my heart recognizes his.
I belong to him, there is no doubting that,
But this stubborn, gorgeous, alpha fights me at every turn.
I need more than his protection.
I need him.
But my past haunts me,
And there’s only one way to escape it.
I refuse to give in,
But I cannot allow for my Vindicator to get hurt.
He means everything to me, and he holds my future in his hands.
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