Review: The Mage’s Pawn by AE Folk

Review: The Mage’s Pawn by AE FolkThe Mage's Pawn: Battle Mage Rising Series: Book 1 by A.E. Folk
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It’s been a long time since I have read a fantasy book, but it took mere seconds for A.E. Folk to remind my why I once loved it. In those few seconds Folk’s descriptive talents had me walking alongside Bridget and her family. I wasn’t just a reader watching this quest , I was an active participant. Folk has such an exquisite way of describing the surrounding, using all of the senses that it will draw you straight in. 

Her characters are very well thought out and develop as the story progresses. Folk gets you invested to see if Bridget and her troop of acquaintances/friends will succeed in their journey. The different personalities co-mingle in such a realistic way.

The story was beautifully written in the days of yore. The journey that Bridget and her comrades partake is full of battles and magic and wonderment. I am ready to devour book two. I know Folk won’t let me down. She has reawakened my love of the fantasy world where all my senses come alive. 

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