Review: Turn the Page by Kristine Dugger

Review: Turn the Page by Kristine DuggerTurn The Page (Hell's Phoenix MC Book 3) by Kristine Dugger, Toni Michelle, Wander Aguiar
Genres: MC Romance


He is a Navy veteran and member of the Hell’s Phoenix MC. Smart, witty as hell, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Tough as nails and hard to crack. But he will give you the shirt off his back in a heartbeat if it meant you would be safe and warm. That is who he is. The protector of all who crosses his path.
She is a rebellious woman trying to find her way in life. Constantly trying to make others happy while trying to live her life the way she wants it to be. She is her own person, despite what others think. She is typically misunderstood. The feisty bitch with an attitude.
What happens when an alpha male meets an alpha female?
Both walking down a destructive path, escaping their past.
Neither one of them looking for the other.
Attraction. Temptation. Force of Nature.
Will love strike? Or combust?
Turn the Page to find out!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I started Turn the Page. I had never read a book by Kristine Dugger and I was jumping into a series at book 3. Sometimes with a series you need to read the previous books and sometimes you don’t need to. Thankfully I could just jump right in. And jump I did. Dugger did not waste any time at all in bringing her A+++ game to the table.

In just her prologue Dugger totally shows the reader just a small inkling of the power of she holds. She takes your emotions and brings you on a whiplash ride. Not really a spoiler but you will need Kleenex. (Not one, I suggest a whole box to be safe.)

I’m not going to give you a rundown of the synopsis because I don’t think I can do it justice in that way. So I can give you some of the emotions that I felt reading Turn The Page. I felt sadness, passion, empathy, loss, and happiness. Kristine Dugger can write the hottest of steamy scenes, rip your heart out repeatedly and in different way through different characters.

Kristine Dugger had me wanting to throw my kindle multiple times throughout my reading of Turn The Page. Then she would heal me just to throw another fast curve in the road. Brecklyn and Westin (Smith) are two characters that work so well together. Two Alphas who don’t want to be out Alpha’d by the other. They keep each other on their toes, neither really knowing what to do with all that is happening between them and around them.

Dugger has created a world and characters that make grab you, twisting you every which way. Just when you think you’re safe she proves you wrong. I will gladly dive into any world Kristine Dugger puts out. With just one book, to be honest just one perfectly written prologue scene she has made a fan out of me.

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