Review: Trouble by Adriana Locke

Review: Trouble by Adriana LockeTrouble (Dogwood Lane, #3) by Adriana Locke


She wants something real. He wants something now. Together they’re trouble in USA Today bestselling author Adriana Locke’s sexy and funny twice-in-a-lifetime love story.
With his shameless grin and let’s-play swagger, carpenter Penn Etling leaves women wanting in Dogwood Lane. What do they get? Avery Perry knows: a one-night stand. She’s been there. She remembers every hot pulse as if it were yesterday. But Penn? He doesn’t remember a thing. Now he’s making new moves, and Avery’s not falling for trouble…again. Is she?
How could the beautiful stranger resist him? Avery is going to be a challenge for the bad boy. She’s the kind of woman who digs deep—deep enough to see there’s more to Penn than meets the eye. But first she has to give him a chance. She has to say yes. Could she also be the woman to make him change his playboy ways?
When these two come together, it’s hard to pull them apart. But with love and trust on the line, can Avery and Penn get what they both want? This time for keeps?

Avery comes from a family where everything is about never having privacy, everyone wanting to know you and use you to get what they want. This was a part of her life she hated and wanted away from, so she returns to the one place she had where no one knew who she was, Dogwood Lake.

Penn was born, raised and still living in Dogwood Lake. Having always wanted to escape from his own life, he often reflects on the one time someone truly looked at him, listened to him and made him matter. It was only one night, but the memory has lived on in him. That night  he met Abby and she changed his life in ways she will never know. They only had that one night, or so he thinks

Fate brings Penn, Avery, and Abby together. Are they able to work through the past to get to a future? Or will the baggage from their pasts and their scared hearts be to much for them to overcome?

Adriana Locke knows how to create characters that will make you fall for them, root for them, and cry over them. While you may never know what emotions Locke is going to unlock within you trust that she will reach you in ways you have yet to be touched. 

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