Review: Mountain Ink by Darlene Tallman

Review: Mountain Ink by Darlene TallmanMountain Ink: Mountain Mermaids (Sapphire Lake) by Darlene Tallman


Mountain Ink is my first venture into merman and holy ish!! Darlene Tallman can bring the sexy to any books she writes. Mountain Ink is all about breaking a curse. Dax is a Viking who has been cursed to live in the water until he finds his soul mate. Will he find her? Is she out there?

Racine is a tattoo artist who had a hard childhood until her uncle and aunt took her in. She is happy in life, minding her own business (literally) when Dax walks into Mountain Ink tattoo parlor. And this is where my synopsis ends.

I prefer to tell you things you aren’t going to read about, because if I continue to write the plot of the book what good is trying to read the book? You would already know the plot, twists and turns due to a loud mouth. While I’m generally loud in life I try not to be when it comes to books. Books are meant to be experienced. Mountain Ink is an experience. It is one I am so glad I ventured into.

Tallman has a gift of drawing you in and making you care for her characters. Her men are strong, intelligent, and loving. Her woman are made to match. Smart mouthed, strong as hell and not really “needing” a significant other. Yet when they find each other the fires blaze higher and stronger than before. Just walking into a Darlene Tallman world makes the reader feel emotions they have probably never acknowledged before. She can make you want to cry or string someone up by their bootstraps. 

By the end of Mountain Ink you are already craving more of Dax, Racine, and their world.

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