Review: Thia Finn’s By The Second Show

Review: Thia Finn’s By The Second ShowBefore the Second Show by Thia Finn


EMMYFall in love with a rocker, bad plan.Fall in love at sixteen, even worse.Doesn’t matter, he’s on his way to his next gig. Life is complicated but has a way of coming together in strange places.That’s what I keep telling myself. Now, I’m facing a man who wants me, but someone else stands in the way.Someone from my past. Someone from his present. What if I choose the wrong one? ALEXI’ve got problems, but women aren’t one of them.I’m sick in the worst possible way. Then she steps into my life, again. If only I could remember her.Doesn’t matter, she’s already spoken for. Life is complicated and has a way of throwing in obstacles on the road to success.That’s what I keep telling myself. Now, I’m facing a life-altering battle and need someone to stand by me.Someone I want. Someone who knows me. How the hell do I convince her?
 Timing is everything.And now is the time to fight for what’s mine!

Thia Finn does it AGAIN!! Before the Second Show is another rocking romance. So beautifully written with a story that will draw you in and bring out all the feels. The reader can relate to the heroine, Emmy. Who hasn’t fallen in love with band? Who hasn’t had a wild crazy dream of being loved by a rock star?

Who hasn’t had that dream crushed when their object of infatuation doesn’t return their love?

Emmy is crushing on Alex Trace, an up and rising rock star. When she meets him backstage after the show and gets her first kiss, she is completely over taken by the belief that they are meant to be. Emmy doesn’t get the chance to find out because he is soon on a world tour. The next time she is able to see and be with Alex, Emmy is devastated to find he don’t recognize her.

Finally back on her feet and back in the dating game Emmy meets Marcus.  An all around good guy Marcus finds himself falling in love with Emmy. Having no idea that she is still nursing wounds that he is going to reopen. Enter Alex…

I wish I could continue with talking about the book but if I do you won’t get to experience the ups, down, questions and answers that this book has. Finn has such a way of making you feel deeply to her characters, of making you hate the fact that reality exists when you have to put down the book. She will make you beg for the next book and the next. Her skills as an author are astounding. Thia Finn brings the heat and the heart in a way that will stay with you long after the book ends.

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