Amanda Kay’s Review: Reckless Love by Teri Kay

Amanda Kay’s Review: Reckless Love by Teri KayReckless Love (The Cave #4) by Teri Kay

Hell hath no fury …When tangled webs are spun, someone is bound to be caught…Life as a swinging couple is hard enough, but when rules are broken and hearts are shattered, all hell breaks loose.After Jeremy Blackwood gets his best friend’s wife, Ari, pregnant . . . nothing will ever return to normal. Even though her husband, Travis, never wanted kids, he’s not willing to give up his wife without a fight. Is a polyamorous relationship possible between these lifelong friends with a baby on the way?Or will the secrets they are hiding destroy their relationships?Ari Hayes has been haunted by her past, working at all costs to keep it buried. Her husband Travis, will do anything to keep the secrets of who he truly is hidden behind his eyes.Jeremy, despite having a baby with another woman, is still harboring feelings for his soon-to-be ex-wife and is determined to prove her new man is up to no good.Like all good things, will their love come to an end? Or is this love just reckless enough to survive?

Reading Reckless Love was an amazing. The characters are relatable. Life isn’t always perfect and neither are these characters. After reading the second book in the series Reckless Behavior I was gutted. Jeremy and Rose are my favorite couple from the series and to see their relationship torn apart over a single dumb decision broke my heart. How could Jeremy have unprotected sex in a cave on a trip that Rose surprised him with for his birthday? I felt bad for Rose and Travis and thought Ari was a horrible person. Yes, they are swingers, however they have rules they are supposed to follow and Jeremy and Ari definitely did not. Could Jeremy and Ari fix what they broke?
This story is anything but stagnate. The sex scenes are so hot and panty melting. Getting to know Travis and Ari’s past will put you through a roller coaster of emotions. They both become more relatable and understand why they became swingers and why they live their lives the way they do. There are twists and turns through everyone’s lives. If secrets, lies and deception pique your interest then you really need to read this.
As I read Reckless Love I hoped that in the end Jeremy and Rose would be able to repair their relationship. Is their love strong enough to pull them back together or is she driven into the arms of another man? Will Ari redeem herself for something unforgivable? Is Travis strong enough in his relationship with Ari to share her with another man and watch her raise a child with Jeremy? You will just have to read to find out.

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