Review: Reckless Love by Teri Kay

Review: Reckless Love by Teri KayReckless Love Buy on Amazon

Hell hath no fury …
When tangled webs are spun, someone is bound to be caught…
Life as a swinging couple is hard enough, but when rules are broken and hearts are shattered, all hell breaks loose.
After Jeremy Blackwood gets his best friend’s wife, Ari, pregnant . . . nothing will ever return to normal. Even though her husband, Travis, never wanted kids, he’s not willing to give up his wife without a fight. Is a polyamorous relationship possible between these lifelong friends with a baby on the way?
Or will the secrets they are hiding destroy their relationships?
Ari Hayes has been haunted by her past, working at all costs to keep it buried. Her husband Travis, will do anything to keep the secrets of who he truly is hidden behind his eyes.
Jeremy, despite having a baby with another woman, is still harboring feelings for his soon-to-be ex-wife and is determined to prove her new man is up to no good.
Like all good things, will their love come to an end? Or is this love just reckless enough to survive?

So yesterday I had the time (finally) to crack open Reckless Love by Teri Kay. It’s been sitting on my kindle for a couple days and I wanted to get it read and reviewed by it’s release date. Reckless Love is book 5 in Kay’s The Cave Series. Since I have not read the series I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew Kay was a great writer, having read a couple of her other books. So I knew homegirls wasn’t going to leave me hanging but DAYUM!! I finished Reckless Love at 2 am this morning and instantly went into my reader group trying to find someone else who had read Reckless Love. I needed to talk about this book and badly. This is something that is not a regular occurrence for me. I was just two minutes from calling one of my close friends to discuss this book. And if it had not been for the fact that I value sleep (I have insomnia issues) I would have, knowing that she was off today. Y’all this ish is off the freaking chain!! Remember I have not read the whole series so that is saying A LOT!!

Reckless Love has it’s awww that’s cute moments but it has it HOLY ISH WTAF is happening here moments! I was able to follow the story line completely ad perfectly for jumping into the series at the last book. Let it be noted that I will be binge reading the rest of the series because I fell in love with these characters. Kay brought them to life and hand delivered them to me. Like where have these people been all my life, seriously?

I know a lot of you expect a rundown of all the events when you read reviews but I don’t like to retell the blurb in my words. Where is the fun in that? To me a book has to be move you and yes I want to tell you everything so I will give you a small breakdown. I will not give any spoilers because you need to read Reckless Love.

Travis and Ari are a happily married couple who love to swing. No, I don’t mean playground swings. This works for them, until Ari sleeps (and gets pregnant) with Travis’s best friend, Jeremy. This is done without Travis’s consent so it is considered cheating to all 4 parties that it effects. As the two couples are trying to move on, some together and some separated, things are going to change them up so badly. Some of the choices have dire consequences, some make them rethink their way of life, but all of it makes for a helluva ride in a stellar book.

I’ll be waiting for your 2 am post.

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