Review: Hating The Boss by Kristen Granata

Review: Hating The Boss by Kristen GranataHating the Boss by Kristen Granata

One night. That’s all it was supposed to be. Imagine my surprise when Mr. Sexy in a Suit breezed through the door on the first day of school. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new boss. Not only does he instantly recognize me, but he accuses me of stealing something valuable from him the morning I walk-of-shamed out of his apartment. When bullying me into a confession doesn’t work, he turns my life into a living nightmare – as if that will coax me into returning what I supposedly stole. But this is my school, and the only thing I’ll be returning is payback. Game. On. There’s only one problem. I wanted him before I hated him, and even now, a part of me still wants him. Somehow, through all of our fighting, through the anger and the pranks, I think I’m falling in love with the enemy.

After reading some heavy emotional books I was looking for something light, funny and cute. Hating the Boss by Kristen Granata fits that bill. It was almost Hallmark movie perfect.

Raegan is a newly divorced kindergarten teacher, who missed out on her epic walk out scene. Her girls take her out to celebrate getting rid of some dead weight. Jaxon and his friends are out celebrating his promotion. Fate would have their paths cross. Lust would have them leaving the bar together.

When the next morning Rae wakes up not remembering 90% of what happened after leaving the bar, she does the walk of shame and high tails it out of his apartment before Jax wakes up. Jax awakens to an empty apartment and a priceless family ring missing!

Believing the beautiful woman he met at the bar had stolen the ring, imagine Jax’s surprise when he finds out she is his new employee.

Read as all the high jinx and childish games happen. Could Rae truly be what he thinks she is?? Jaxon is going to be shocked when everything comes to the light.

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