Review: May Day by RR Born

Review: May Day by RR BornMay Day: A Gray Witch Novel by R.R. Born


Ari Mason is a shunned and exiled witch. She works as a bartender and reads tarot in the park. Neither of which requires her brand of black magic. Which is how she likes it. Ari's powers have always left a trail of death and destruction in her wake. Now, she's on a path of altruism, and by using herbs and positivity in her spells, instead of blood, she can help those around her.
As the temperature rises in Houston, so does the body count. But these aren’t regular murders, someone is using old magic to take out humans and witches.
Ari realizes that any witch is fair game and sends out a call for black magic and white magic witches to unite. They must put away old stereotypes to fight this ancient evil if any of them plan on making through this Beltane alive.

Omg!! Y’all!!! I was able to carve some reading time out and finish May Day by RR Born!!! I need to buy book 2 now!! May Day was sooooo good! Twists, turns and WTFs every where! Loved this grey witch book. It’s definitely a series I want to continue reading. There is a splash of romance but it’s so much more than that.

I happened upon RR Born at a signing, DDnD19. I was looking for something that I hadn’t read in a while and Born suggested her first book, May Day. It was exactly what I needed.

Ari Mason is a strong, but self conscious witch. Having been born into a black magic coven, she wasn’t sure how to fit into a world that was more of her liking. Ari had always felt that she was not meant to do the dark blood magic, even if it was all she had ever known. Turning her back on that type of magic sadly meant her family and coven turned their backs on her. A damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation if you ask me. Only one person had truly stuck with her through it all, Liese, her non-magical best friend.

Ari finds herself leading a simple life. One that she loved. She helped those who needed her. Ari worked as a bartender and a tarot card reader. When witches and dismayed (non magical humans) start being killed Ari is forced to confront her fear of not fitting in.

Can Ari help save everyone from the nightmare that is stalking her town?? Can she keep her friends and loved ones safe?? Will Ari ever realize that who she is now is more than enough??

I know I mentioned romance lol. That does happen but talking too much about Heath or Brennen gives so much away. One is not who he seems to be, the other is just beyond reach. Then there is Remy who, if he was of the earthly, I think would be the absolute perfect mate for Ari.

Born has seriously put so many different aspects into May Day that you would think that there would be no way to sort them out in just one book, yet she does it like a pro. The characters in May Day will have you begging more. Lucky for me, and for you, this is only book one in the series.

So come join Ari and Liese in Houston and see which side of Ari will win. Be it the black or white magic, RR Born will no doubt keep you on your toes and your fingers turning the page.

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