Review: Every Minute I Love You by Kailee Reese Samuels

Review: Every Minute I Love You by Kailee Reese SamuelsEvery Minute I Love You (A Tomb of Ashen Tears, #3) by Kailee Reese Samuels


His vengeance written in blood.
She is the heir to a forbidden fortune. He is the only son of a mafia family.
With the criminal underworld hot on their tail, Sal Raniero hid his true love, Iris Nakamura, far away from the violence. With her narrowly escaping their crosshairs, he manipulated the system to work in their favor, but with his father arranging his marriage to another woman, Sal and Iris are quickly running out of time.
The invitations are sent. The cake is ordered. The gown is fit. The couple is mismatched, flawed from the beginning. And someone is bound to be hurt.
In the third book of a Tomb of Ashen Tears, choice becomes the invisible obstacle Sal and Iris must both overcome.
Believing in their precious intimacy, Iris must decide how much blood she will shed for the man she loves. Inching closer to an unwanted future, Sal must choose between fighting the will of his family or flying with the desire of his heart.
An admitted word fiend, KAILEE REESE SAMUELS loves pushing her readers’ boundaries with original, addictive storylines and unexpected twists to keep you turning the page. Her genre-busting, lyrical writing style is punctuated with elements of dark romance, romantic suspense, psychological thriller, mafia, MC, BDSM, and realism.
As the author of JULIET, 22, SHE/HE, UNSPOKEN, POPPY, and TAT BOOKS (Salt Kissed Love, Famous Last Words, and the upcoming Every Minute I Love You), she believes first and foremost her books should be entertaining and serve as the perfect escape with a delicious beverage, a box of chocolate, and plenty of tissues.

So let me start this with a disclaimer or two. Lol.

  1. I have not read the previous books in this series.
  2. This is a dark dark book and may hold triggers for some.

The reason for the first disclaimer is that at times I found myself a little lost. That being said, this book was so well written and had me completely enthralled.  Samuels has built a world that is intricate that she weaves you into it like a spider.

Watching the relationships between all the characters is like watching a heart beat. So intense and full of life. The story line grabs you and takes you hostage. Sal is fighting to find his way to his everything. There are so many up and downs that you start to enjoy the rollercoaster ride. Will he find his way to Iris? Will he be able to maintain his sanity  as he does it? What will become of Deacon? Is their relationship going to be able to withstand the ride?

I so want to spoil this with some kind of hint but I can’t do it. Lol. This is a world that you really need to become a part of. While this book should be read in order of the series you can read it and catch up relatively fast. It’s worth taking the chance. Sal always makes sure you wind up with a smile on your face.

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