Review: Tink’s Salvation by Colbie Kay

Review: Tink’s Salvation by Colbie KayTink's Salvation (Satan's Sinners MC, #9) by Colbie Kay


I have a thing for bad boys, I always have, but that infatuation cost me, and I've been living in fear ever since. My new roommate says we have protection from Satan's Sinners MC, but no one can protect me from the past that haunts me. Or so I thought until Tink. He's the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the man I want to save even when I can't save myself. He's another bad boy I don't need, but can he save me when my past returns?
All I ever wanted was to fit in, to fit in somewhere I wasn't known as the trailer park trash I know I am. I thought I was getting a family like I never had when I became a prospect for Satan's Sinners MC. They needed me, and I was there; I kept my mouth shut, and that cost me. Now, I'm bound by the very chains that scarred me, and no one can free me. Or so I thought until Jorga Lankford. She was my best friend's girl, now, she's a woman who is damaged and needs me.
I shouldn't want her, but in saving her, can I find my own salvation?
This book is intended for readers 18+ due to subject matter

Can two star crossed lovers ever find their way back to each other? If they can, can they survive all the baggage they both bring with??

In the ninth book of the Satan’s Sinners series Colbie Kay releases havoc and chaos on your emotions. She takes you on a fast, daring and emotional roller coaster to find out if Jorga and Tink can wind up together. With forces beyond their control trying to rip what little bit of solace these two may have found with each other.

Jorga and Tink go back…way back. Never having been able to be with each other due to loyalties to another, Jorga’s ex, the two wind up being brought together out of the blue. Jorga has returned to town just a shell of the woman she once was. Always looking over her shoulder, waiting for a shoe to drop Jorga decides she needs to take her life back. The first step to doing so is moving out of her parents house. Having found a roommate who understood her “quirks” (lights have to be left on, security system, etc) Jorga thinks she is finally going to be able to move on. Tink is asked to “babysit”  a friend’s new roommate. Little did he know that roommate was going to shake up everything in life as he knew it.

Colbie Kay cuts your emotions at the quick and just when you think she’s let up she hits you with a double whammy. Kay has a way of taking even the most sordid scene and making it wring everything out of you. An amazing plot with heroes and heroines you need to come out on top. You root for them all the way. You want to shank anyone who has hurt them or will hurt them.

Not once has Colbie Kay let me down when it comes to her writing. She continues to grow each time she puts out a new life for me to lead. Kay has a gift of being able to make you go from furious, to sad, to laughing and back in just mere words.

So take my advice and go dive into Jorga and Tink’s life. See where they take you. Just remember to wear a helmet, hold on tight, and listen to the rumble of the engine  as you take off.

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