Audible Review: Sonya Loveday’s What It Takes

I have never really done a audio book review so please forgive me while I cut my teeth on this one. As with most audio books the big thing is the narrator. Angie Morency’s voice is so nice and smooth. It lulled me into the story and kept me wanting to listen. Hearing Angie as Gracen’s voice painted a very vivid picture. 
The story is one of such great love, friendship, loss and a new chance.Two best friends, Gracen Lowell and Slade Owens, try navigating from friendship to lovers. Yet it’s too late by the time they realize their true feelings. Thinking he would never have his chance with Gracen, Slade has agreed to a job far away from her in hopes that he will soon forget her and all the feelings he knows will never be able to get over. But life, as it often does, throws him a curveball. Gracen loves him back. Slade, though, is a man of his word. He slinks out of Gracen’s life. 
Gracen slowly starts rebuilding her life without Slade. She sadly finds out that not every man is honorable. Will the turmoil in Gracen’s life bring Slade back? Will they find out how strong their love is when it is truly put to the test? 
Loveday has built a story of finding ones strength, abuse, love and second chances that flows so smoothly with Morency’s voice that you, as the listener, can close your eyes and see it all happen.

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