Review: Poppy by Kailee Reese Samuels

Review: Poppy by Kailee Reese SamuelsPoppy by Kailee Reese Samuels
Genres: Romance


What do you do when the hand which held you becomes the touch you crave?
I’ve loved her for twenty years. She’s a rare beauty luring with a dangerous high. And I’m addicted. I can’t get enough. There is only one problem.
He’s an abusive asshole, destroying her down to the very root. He won’t get another chance. I’ll beat him to it.
And steal his precious drug—my princess—my Poppy.
There must be good things on the other side of bad.

While I was at the KIKC book signing I was told I had to read Poppy by Kailee Samuels. I am always up for a new to me author and book recommendations. I had never met Kailee up until that moment and it was a brief meeting. I was told, and not by her, that I would absolutely love Poppy. I went into Poppy blindly, only knowing that it was a dark romance.

I will freely admit it took me a month to finish Poppy. This has nothing to do with the book but had to do with the fact that life and all of it’s reality kept hitting me in the face. So the other morning I decided no matter what I was going to make damn sure I finished this book.

Laying in bed, I knew this was the one time I had to really dive in and down the rabbit hole I went. And what a rabbit hole it was.

Poppy is a young woman at the start of her “adult” life. In truth she has been an adult most of her life. Forced by her surroundings to be more adult than any child should have to be, Poppy is looking forward to her future, to getting out from underneath the life she is living. Poppy works as a waitress at a little local diner, saving for college. She’s not one to mess with the boys in town because she wants more in her life than being a lifer.

Then she meets him, Kane. Older, handsome, and a smooth talker. Poppy thinks she’s found someone special. But Kane is just about to introduce her to the one person who will totally change her life; his son, Abel.

I wish I could tell you more but by doing so I would literally give everything away. Some things are meant to experience, Poppy is one of them. From start to finish Samuels grabbed me. She toyed with my emotions. The roller coaster Samuels put me on kept me grasping for more. I had to have more Poppy.

Samuels will flawlessly entrap you. Have you begging for more. Poppy will become your addiction and just like me, you’ll want more.

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