Tainted Souls by Colbie Kay & KB Bennett

Tainted Souls by Colbie Kay & KB BennettTainted Souls (An Assassin's Love #1) by Colbie Kay, K.B. Bennett


Once upon a time, we were best friends. Only two years older than me, Stryker, was my protector, but he couldn't protect me the night I was taken from my family, my village...him.
I've grown up in the confines of my cell in the dungeon. I'm now a woman trained to be an assassin, and I have my next target. However, there's something familiar in the eyes staring back at me.
I'm a tainted soul ready to kill, ready to please my master. My heart though, it wishes to remember the boy in my dreams.
This is intended for readers 18+

Okay first I have to start by apologizing for being so lack in my reviews. The first few months of every year find me in  a depression and while  I have the best of intentions I can’t stop mental illness from happening. So over the next few days I am going to be busting ass to get caught up on al my blog business.I hope you can understand that. So now on to the good parts of this post the review lol.

Before Tainted Souls I had never read anything by either Colbie Kay or KB Bennett and after reading it I’ve been wondering where the frick have I been?? Ya’ll know that I am up for reading just about any genre out there but I don’t read a whole lot of Dark Romance. I”m starting to wonder why that is. I absolutely loved Izzy and Stryker. First, come on the names alone should be on the Hollywood Stars. Amazing name choices!! And then the story begins and DAYUM!!

Izzy and Stryker are friends that have always been together basically since birth. Growing up in a small village together, their lives seemed to be idylliac. If only the knew what the future would bring. How one night Izzy would be taken and Stryker would be waiting for years to get his revenge on those who took her. How they would be ripped from one another. One forgetting all that they once knew and the other remembering all too well. It really makes you ponder who had it worse those years, the one who couldn’t remember what they lost or the one who could.

Life though works in mysterious ways and it suddenly brings Izzy and Stryker back together. They are no longer the same. One is an assassin and the other a mark meant to be killed. Reading about the struggle to keep them both alive and possibly bring the others memories back was heart wrenching.

KB and Colbie killed this book. Slayed it so freaking hard that I was sad to hit the end of it. Tainted Souls will elicit every emotion imaginable. You will feel their innocence and watch as it is taken from them. You will cry at what was, what is to be and what is. I honestly didn’t want to leave Izzy and Strykers world but sadly all good things must come to an end.

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