Review: Becks Pt 2 by Thia Finn

Review: Becks Pt 2 by Thia FinnBecks, A Rockstar Romance Duet, Part II by Thia Finn
Genres: Romance


How does your father rule your life from the grave? The Judge, mean bastard that he is, apparently can.

Caught in their father’s embers that still smolder around them, Becks and his brother, Konon, find themselves staring at their fate from behind bars.

Neither of them planned this far ahead as they watched their childhood go up in smoke. Their lack of an escape route could send them to prison as the Judge burns in hell.

Becks’ problems catch up with him while on tour, and he finds himself in a place he hoped to never end up. When Konon finally shows up, another layer of trouble is added to the mix. With the trial looming, what will become of SoBecks? What will become of Becks and Sophie?

Sophie believed her singing career was on fire but had no idea that flames might end her brief run before it takes off. With Becks distancing himself from the band, the responsibility falls on Sophie to keep SoBecks alive. Will their fans accept Sophie as a solo act? She is willing to do whatever it takes but is he?

Can Sophie and Becks’ love keep their dream alive or will it all go up in smoke?

The highly anticipated follow up to Becks, A Rockstar Romance Part I, holds answers to the secrets readers are dying to discover.

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. The thoughts and feelings of the book are mine and mine alone.

So I just wrote my review of Becks Pt 1 yesterday and here I am for Becks Pt 2 today. Did you miss me? Lol. It was hard to not just write the two of them together but I had to separate them. And the really hard part is that this review is just going to tell you how I felt about the book. I am not going to go into anything that is really happening in the book. Why you might ask?? Well because if you read Part 1 then you know that we are waiting for Becks Brother to be called and that Becks past has come back in a HUGE way. Also, I don’t like spoilers!! Why read a book if someone else has already given you all the juice on it, right???

When I finished Part 2 the ARC for Part 2 was due to be released in  a week or so (as of the typing of this post the book is already LIVE) and I was telling the author Thia that I needed to know what was going to happen to Becks, Sophie, and SoBecks. Everything was up in the air, how could she leave me like that?? I was almost to the point of begging. SO yes I was very involved with the characters.

So did Thia Finn keep the excitement and hype going in Becks Part 2?? YESSSSS!!! Thia absolutely delivered the goods in Part 2.

As a reader I was kept totally invested and became even more invested with the introduction of Becks brother. I was dodging the pitfalls of not only the music industry with SoBecks but also the judicial system with Becks and Konan, his brother. Thia Finn created enough suspense to keep me guessing and at the edge of my seat without overdoing the situations. The story was real enough that I could see it playing it out in my mind. (Bravo!! I love it when books do that)

My suggestion to you is to grab this series, you won’t regret it. You will find yourself grabbing more of her books though.

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