Review: Becks Pt. 1 By Thia Finn

Review: Becks Pt. 1 By Thia FinnBecks, A Rockstar Romance by Thia Finn


I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. The thoughts and feelings of the book are mine and mine alone.

Generally when I read a Rock Romance I am expecting dirty and raw so imagine my surprise when I found a main character with a heart made of gold from the beginning. I was not only happily surprised but was already half in love with Beck, even though Beck is on the run from the law.

Beck is the son of a well known and respected judge. He is a very talented musician who is just trying to make his way. Working any gig he can at night and working construction during the day until he has his big break.

Sophie is a waitress who has worked her tail off to get people to take her music seriously. She runs into Becks late one night while she is waiting for the bus. Getting some unwanted attention from a guy Becks comes to her rescue. And that begins their journey together.

Just as SoBecks starts to see fame, Becks past comes crashing into their future…

I truly enjoyed this book and was begging Thia to hurry up with the ARC of book 2. I was given book 1 so I could be up to date for Book 2. And this story was a great escape from the real world and thankfully I didn’t have to long to wait for Book 2. Well ya’ll are lucky cause you have no wait. Book 2 is already out so you can buy both and not miss a beat between Becks and Sophie. You can see the love and the bond that grows so fast and deep. Will Becks, Sophie, and SoBecks get their happy ending or will the Judge win from beyond the grave??             

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