Book Review: Unknown by Jen Atkinson

Book Review: Unknown by Jen Atkinson

Unknown is the second book in the Untouched Trilogy, so please be advised this is not a standalone book and to get any of this book you must have read Untouched. Do it. You will not regret it. I personally promise you.

Unknown picks up directly where Untouched left off (told ya to read it first lol). While we get many answers from the cliffhanger Unknown brings up even more questions. Thankful and Liam are faced with situations that are far from their control and the cliffhanger on this book is even BIGGER than the one of Unknown. Jen Atkinson has almost outdone herself. Why almost? Because I am scared to see where the next book, Undone, leads us. Atkinson has brilliantly created the world of the Knowing and Readers. The Heroine is just like you …just like me…or so she seems. There may be more to Thankful Tenys then what we, mere readers, can see. Atkinson will have us believing one thing or another only to almost literally smack us upside the head with a new truth. I can’t get enough of it. Unknown keeps me guessing just like Untouched did.

Atkinson, for being fairly new to the scene, writes like a seasoned professional. She has weaved a world that I want to crawl into. Wether it be to kick the crap out of certain characters, comfort others, mommy others, and the list goes on. Jen draws you in and has you invested in the store, their lives. She makes you want to be apart of this amazing little world in Glen Rock.

I know you are probably wondering why I’m not delving into the plot of Unknown as I normally would but that is easy to answer. This book is not something to merely talk about it is something that you MUST experience for yourself. I could tell you about all the little things, such as the play, the road trips, the fall, etc. but if I do that you won’t truly experience it. Open the book and walk into Glen Rock, Wyoming. I can’t ruin this book for you and if I tell you the plot I think I would. Atkinson is definitely an author that must be experienced. So do yourself the favor and quit depriving your life of this adventure. Dive in and see if you are one of the Knowing. Who knows maybe you’re a Reader. Only time will tell.

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