Review: Manipulation by Torrie Robles

Review: Manipulation by Torrie Robles

Torrie Robles has been known to write what she fondly calls fluff romance or the racy MC romances, but  now she has decided to dive into the dark romances. Oh lord, that woman dived. There is nothing sweet or fluffy about Manipulation. That word truly explains it all. Robles manipulates you into believing one thing and then BAM!!

Normally I can knock out my reading of books pretty fast but I’ve been in a huge book funk. I should have known that I just needed a huge dose of Robles. While I thought I would be slowly dipping my toes into some lukewarm water, after the first chapter I realized I had been pushed head first into ice cold water that turns piping hot without any notice.

Manipulation follows Rochelle as she slowly comes to learn that someone has her in their sights. Little does she know that he is manipulating every step she takes meticulously leading her into his arms. Is it who you think it is? Does he really have that much power? How is he able to get her to react like that?

Robles has, it seems, mastered the mind of a stalker. The mind of a narcissistic man, who can’t fathom that Rochelle doesn’t seem to understand she is already his. Robles is able to build the terror from a small flickering of discomfort to a constant looking over your shoulder as you turn the page.

How will it all end?Will Rochelle figure things out? Who will she choose between the two men already in her life? Robles leaves you wanting, craving and needing more. 

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