Review: Fading by Cindy Cipriano

Review: Fading by Cindy CiprianoFading by Cindy Cipriano

Leath Elliott is a seventeen-year-old competitive shooter living with her mother in Woodvine, North Carolina. Leath's father was killed in a tragic accident when she was fourteen, and her friend Victor Santana has been there for her every step of the way since. But the friendship starts to change when Victor develops deeper feelings for her. If that wasn't complicated enough, newcomer James Turner, an emancipated minor with a dark past, wanders into her sights. Leath is captivated by him and wonders if he might be the boy of her dreams--literally.

Fading is the first book in an exciting new fantasy romance series by award-winning author Cindy Cipriano.

I was given the honor of reading and reviewing Fading by Cindy Cipriano. While Fading is a YA book, that is not all it is. What would do you are faced with the possibility of finding the boy of your dreams? Literally, your dreams?? That is what happens to Leath Elliott. 17 year old Leath is facing her senior year with her best friend, Victor Santana. As we all know being a senior brings out so many emotions. Each a little scarier than the last when we realize that soon we will be out in the real world, all alone. For Leath this is all even scarier, as she lost her father when she was young and Victor was all that she had other than her mom. Then out of no where James Turner enters her life. He is everything she has dreamt of. Leath feels emotions for James that she has no clue how to figure them out. It seems like they have always known each other. He has some uncanny built in knowledge of her.

Cipriano builds the mystery of who James is so beautifully. It draws you in deeper and deeper, until you realize you have to know. When you finally know you are left with a decision that is so complex I don’t think I would know what to do. To choose between the love of my dreams or the love of my reality, who can seriously do that?? Leath is scared of what her choice will do to both young men. Yet, in her hearts of hearts, she knows who has completely captivated her heart and soul. She needs to get. With the beautiful characters and relationships that Cipriano has built up in Fading you won’t be able to wait until the next book in the series. While Leath makes her decision (sorry ya’ll know I don’t do spoilers) would you make the same one??

For me, Fading was a sweet love triangle that made me want to actually be back in high school (did I really just type that??) for a few brief moments. I truly enjoyed and recommend Fading. It is a book that any young teen to grown woman would enjoy disappearing into.

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