Review: Cards of Love: Knights of Wands by Claudia

Cards of Love: Knight of Wands by Claudia Y. Burgoa

A chance for a sweet future, or a recipe for disaster?


My dream was to cook my way to fame and fortune, not run myself ragged keeping my late parents’ quaint restaurant afloat. My sister is useless, I’m chronically short-staffed, and even Gertie, my antiquated oven, hates me.

Then in charges Oliver, like a Golden Knight. He’s hunky, charming, and makes others feel at ease. He’s earnest and kind, optimistic and extroverted. He's my best friend...and my sister’s ex. Picking up the slack like he never left all those years ago is difficult. He makes my body shiver with the lightest touch, the slightest smile. It would be so easy to let him be my knight in shining armor. But I can’t let him, even though he makes Gertie purr like a kitten.


I practically grew up waiting tables alongside KitKat. She’s a brilliant chef, but it’s clear she’s no manager. I’ve noticed other changes in her since her letters stopped coming to me in Iraq. There’s fire burning in her green eyes—and pain.

One kiss was meant to comfort. But it explodes into searing passion so white-hot, not even the tallest, iciest sweet tea can quench it. I shouldn’t try. She doesn’t want help, especially not mine. But a kiss like that is the beginning of a promise. A promise that won’t stop until I help her find her dream.

Kaitlynn and Oliver’s chemistry is off the chart. You can’t help but root for them as a couple. Burgoa did a stunning job of drawing me in and getting me to care. She was also able to open my eyes to the fact that I could not like a character but see why that person is so needed in the plot of the romance. FYI, I don’t care for Kaitlynn’s sister. The hero and heroine yearn for another but are at times pulled in different directions due to the past they share. Can Kaitlynn truly forgive Oliver for things beyond his control. Can she realize that the love she has always wanted is still there waiting for her?

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