Review: The Night He Saved Me by Sarah Stevens

Review: The Night He Saved Me by Sarah StevensThe Night He Saved Me by Sarah Stevens



One night. One party. One girl forever changed.I was supposed to stay on the path I had chosen. Go to college and make something of myself. But doing it all alone wasn't easy, and it seemed everyone was against me.

Except James. He was there to catch me when my world crumbled—cradling my emotions and wrapping me in his secure embrace. James was there when the entire world disappeared.


One glance. One undeniable connection. One life forever changed.Keeping myself hidden from a legacy I wanted no part of, I lived a content life. Until her. She swept in, making me forget all the bad that haunted me. Now, the past I tried to run from has caught up, and I have more to lose than ever. She’s the target, and I’m the shield.She thinks I saved her, but she’s the one who rescued me.Two worlds. Two hearts. And a lifetime of trials.

***Mature themes that may be triggering for some readers.

The Night He Saved Me had the starts of being a great book. It had a great plot line but sadly that is all it had. Stevens had the beginning of several scenes that could have been BAM LOOK AT HOW GREAT I AM. Yet what we ended up with was a ball being dropped in mid throw. The story is there but the execution sucked. The conversations held between characters are poorly written. Instead of describing things to you and bringing you into the book I felt like I was getting a play-by-play from a little kid.

I believe that this book could be rewritten and be great but as it stands I had to push myself to finish it. I was mad that with such a great plot that the author seemed to just slink along the edges instead of taking this ball and running it down the field. The Night He Saved me had so much potential but Sarah Stevens was too scared to take the necessary measures in her writing to push it even close to the edge. She didn’t take the risks that this book called for.

During one scene with a mob family (that’s right ya’ll MOB FAMILY) instead of getting gritty and dirty Stevens wrote he punched him, he kicked him and he said do what you want with him but don’t let me see him again. Like WTF!!! Honestly I screamed WTF!!! This was a time in the book where Stevens could have slightly redeemed herself and this book. It was a freaking Mob family scene!!! But it read like a tussle on the elementary playground.

I wish that I could write about how great this book was, but I have to be honest in my reviews. This was not a book that I would reread or recommend to a friend. I find that if I only write good reviews that I am not being honest with you, my readers and followers. And who can trust someone who isn’t honest about their opinions.

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