Review: The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection by Ella Rye

Review: The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection by Ella RyeThe Girl: Unspoken Words Collection by Ella Rye

"I'm the girl they want… But never want to keep"From poet Ella Rye comes a collection full of raw vulnerability. Taking you on a journey through her life, trying to figure what it all means after heartbreak. Learning to move on, knowing that you are worthy of so much more.The Unspoken Words Collection is Free Verse Poetry, divided into four parts. Spanning over a generation.The GirlNever Had a ChanceParts of MeIt Will Fade

This is my first time ever reviewing a book of poetry and I have to admit it is fairly hard to do. There is no real plot, no characters to become attached to (other than the author), and I am not an English major lol. So please bear with me as I try my hand at something new.

While The Girl has no “plot” it does tell a story. The story of a love lost. You can feel the longing for what was, the loneliness of what is going on, the drive to overcome and try to figure out what went wrong. You watch as The Girl goes through the emotions of betrayal, denial, longing, lust, finding herself. If you are honest with yourself, you can see you in her. Maybe not the you of right now but you have been The Girl at one time. I know I have been.

Rye did a great job at getting the emotions out and drawing me in, making me feel and understand them. She painted a picture without having to write out the conversations. Sometimes having those conversations is more private and harder when having them with ones self.

If you are looking for reflection on a past or even current relationship and yourself I highly recommend The Girl by Ella Rye.

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