Review: Down In Flames by Samantha Conley

Review: Down In Flames by Samantha ConleyDown in Flames (Silver Tongued Devils, #1) by Samantha Conley

Just when you think you have your life together, a spark ignites with the potential to take everything down in flames. Kristen Daniels worked hard for her career, and when her dream job came to fruition, a sexy rock star won her heart. But one night changed everything, shattering the perfect life she thought she had, and she begins to doubt everything. Brett Ingles is on top of the world. His band, the Silver Tongued Devils, is quickly rising to the top, playing sold out shows and topping the charts, and he has a beautiful, smart fiancée to share it all with. Until he makes the mistake that rocks his world. Derek Calloway is a loyal friend—the one you can depend on. He’s following his dream of playing in a rock band with his best friend, but what happens when he falls in love with the girl who should be off limits? Battling his emotions day in and day out is like a two-ton weight on his shoulders, but is giving in to them worth losing everything—is she worth losing everything?

Lord have Mercy!! This book is bound to burn into you. Samantha Conley grabs your hand and leads you into the Rocker world with the first book of the Silver Tongued Devils series. She creates a world that is so believable that you want to stay. You want to hang out with Brett Ingalls and the guys.

Kristen Daniels has the world at her fingertips. She has a career that she has busted ass to achieve and it’s finally happening, and her man is the sexy lead singer of the Silver Tongued Devils. She has it all!! One night changes all of that. The one person she thought was her rock tears it apart. Brett has gotten swallowed up in his fame and lost his way in the process.

Derek has always been Kristen’s friend and Brett’s best friend. He also has always been in love with Kristen. He has stood by her through the worst times of her life, through losing the life she thought was hers. He kept his love hidden in the shadows. Until he no longer could deny it.

Yes, this is a love triangle. Yes, you will root for certain people. Yes, you will want book two. And last but not least, YES, you will become a Samantha Conley fan.

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